EVERYTHING is for IMPRINTING... Sizing charts are available on the product pages.

We have worked to simplify this process, if we have your corporate  logo simply add it to your shopping cart. If we do not have your logo, simply upload it on the product page, you can add notes, if you need a simple modification. If you need graphic design, a new logo etc., please contact us.

Some products include embroidery or heat seal, some products include a screenprint. They are categorized based on the nature of the fabrics.

All orders of 24 units or more include an imprint. In our MIX & MATCH program, you can select more than one style to have the same logo imprinted with the same process. The set up for the processes are different and extensive.

Decoration is one logo (the same) on all pieces. For names or numbers please contact us.

We can not reproduce photographs, our various processes are for spot colour, outlined or vectored artwork.
Your best option for photos is to get a digital print, basically ink jetting on to a shirt, we can print half tones.

T-SHIRTS - Print options are listed under T shirts, you can upgrade basic Tee style, to  europspun or performance  on the chosen print page. 

GOLF | POLO - Embroidery or Heat Seal. Up to 10,000 stitches or a 6" heal sealed logo is included on all orders of 24 units or more. Prices get lower on quantity.
                         - HEAT SEAL is recommended for left chest crests, on seam sealed products and some polyester fabrics. It eliminates any backing that may rub against your skin, is an excellent option for seam sealed and waterproof jackets and it also prevents the migration of the garment dye on performance fabrics that can bleed in to the screenprinting ink during the curing process.
                        - EMBROIDERY is recomended for caps and jackets without waterproofing specs.

You may MIX and MATCH styles. ie Style (A) polo Mens  2 Med, 4 Lg, 4 XL, 2XXL  = 12  +  Style (B)  poloLadies 4 Sm, 4 Med, 4 Lg. = 12

Total = 24 pcs. FREE embroidery or Heat Seal

As long as the combined total = 24 units, the decoration is included.  
You can MIX and MATCH 18 Polo + 6  Jackets = 24 Total

For smaller quantities under 24 units a set up surcharge is applicable and must be quoted.

SWEATS : can be ordered in the MIX and MATCH program. Some styles are suited for screenprint, some performance styles are suited for embroidery or heat seal.                

JACKETS : can only be decorated on orders totalling 24 units for embroidery, HEATSEAL is recommended for any water proof, seal sealed jacket as the embroidery machine will put holes in the fabric where it stitches. The logo may be up to 6' for heatseal and once again it is included in the price of 24 units or more.

Questions - eMail & Ask away.

Whether you are creating Event clothing,  Company staff clothing, Incentive products, or Producing your designs for retail and have the ideas for the next t-shirt craze. We can help you with the decorating process. We started in this industry back in 1994, we understand the processes and if you have any questions, you can tap our brains.
We do offer exclusive items to be purchased without imprinting in some of our jacket collections.

Whether for embroidery or screenprinting there is a process to make it happen.  Supply us your artwork files and we can take it from there. We have tried to simplify things as much as possible to make this process easy for you.

A proof / mock up is always sent for your approval, pre production. When we receive your order we will make sure it is set up for your application and provide you a mock up to make sure everything is correct and the placement is right for your garments or objects.
We will eMail you and when you send an eMail back that it is 'APPROVED', we begin production.

All products are  for custom imprinting, the applications for clothing are embroidery, heat seal and screenprinting.
There are better options for the different garments, jackets and caps, embroidery is the best option. 

For lighter weight clothing, screenprinting and heat seal are generally the preferred option. If a fabric is light, and against your skin, there is a backing on embroidery stitching that may irritate your skin.

Another thing to consider is if you have a product that will be washed and put in the dryer, if it shrinks, the embroidery may pucker as it wont shrink with the garment.

Although most garments are 'pre-shrunk' they still tend to shrink a bit in a hot dryer, especially if you are dealing with cotton products.


Over the years we have digitized or vectored a number of corporate logos for clothing products. If we have a corporate logo on file, simply add it to your shopping cart. We have an upload feature if you would like to upload an image. For all applications a vectored file or outlined file is the best to work with as it has clean lines and no bitmapping. If you only have access to a .jpeg or .gif, the better the quality, the better the results.

Understanding the Set-Up.

EMBROIDERY:  the logo or artwork needs to be digitized so the embroidery machine know where to stitch. The artwork is digitized by design and by colour. Embroidery pricing is based on the number of stitches.

SCREENPRINTING: the logo or artwork is colour separated as each screen only holds one colour, and each colour is printed in spot colour. Photo images are jpeg and even if it is a one colour the lines will not be clean as the edges are bitmapped. We vector or outline the artwork and fonts. We then  run a vellum from a computer that is used to set up each colour. Generally, you would print the lightest colours first, for example you would print yellow, then green, then black. Each colour on its own screen.

DARK FABRIC: most ink will not show up on a dark fabric, so what we do is we print a later of white and then we print the colour on top of the white.


On shirts red, black etc, white is printed, then spot dryed then printed again to make sure that the white is bright.
Multi colour sleeve print.

HEAT SEAL: is printed and then applied on top of the garment. It is a good option for polyester garments as polyester is not a natural fibre and when the fibres heat up, going through the conveyor belt dryer to cure screenprinted inks. The dyes in the fibres can seperate and bleed in to the ink. Heat seal eliminates this issue.

If you have placed an order and some modifications need to be made, Example: you need 2 more shirts etc. and we haven't started production. We can sort it out and any billing discrepancies can be adjusted manually.

CHRISTMAS | SEASONAL HOLIDAYS : December is a very busy month and although the elves are working madly around the clock at that time of year, they are not magical fairies and cannot go *Abracadabra* your order will magically appear overnight. Please keep this in mind as custom garments or products need time to be produced and it is best to allow extra time during this season. ty :)

Custom Options are available by quote.